Friday, September 23, 2011

No News Is Not Good

If you’ve paid attention recently, you might have noticed that I posted several sections of my story in August, but I have not posted anything in September. That’s not about to change.

When I posted my character list, I mentioned a major upset in my plot. What happened exactly?

Well, to put it allegorically, I need to digress and describe the kitchen and pantry arrangements at the lodge.
We do not have a large kitchen—it’s barely large enough for four people to buzz around on a busy evening. Thus, we have to store most of the food downstairs in our pantry, a fridge, two upright freezers, and three chest freezers. The lodge also has no space for a staircase, so we can only get downstairs by going outside and down the back stairs.

One morning earlier this week, after a rainy night, I slipped on the stairs as I was carrying a crate of eggs down to the fridge. I skated down three or four steps on my heels, caught myself, and skated down the remaining three steps. I landed upright still holding the crate of eggs.

Let’s just say I tried the same stunt with my story. I dropped the eggs.

I still don’t know how to clean up the mess.

It doesn’t help that I’m working from 7 am until 8 p.m. with only a couple hours off in the afternoon. It also doesn’t help that during my off time, I can putter through any number of small jobs, emails, and other miscellanies without accomplishing much. So, while I have told you much in the last few weeks about my work here at the lodge, I am unable to tell you what happens next in Areaex. I'm starting to feel lonely and out of touch—I haven't talked to my characters in three weeks!

Maybe if everyone scolds me, then I will put everything else aside in desperation and actually figure out what to do with the story?

Oh, and we have an small upstairs pantry too. I was clearing out vases and other knickknacks this morning to wash the top shelf when I reached up and grabbed this thing:


Anonymous said...

Many writers seem to solve this problem by killing off characters until the remaining ones behave. Personally, I tell myself that what doesn't kill me story just makes it stronger. (Although an alarm bell in the back of my mind says that particular saying is a Sith proverb...) But if I explore all the possible directions my story can take, I can write with the certainty that I have indeed found the one and only right way, the "true story" if you will.

Anonymous said...

Plesse dont's do bodily harm to the writer. No broken bones I assume but just bruises and "broken eggs". If your characters are to return, they will. If not, you will find new ones that speak to you in a better manner. it is good to be busy as the time goes by faster, Love you, Grandma Jo

Audrey said...

Actually, Emma, the complications started when I was trying to kill one of the characters. Then I thought about starting a civil war. I also considered rewriting the plot so that the characters would only travel from A to B, instead of going from A through B to C.

It was a nice idea, because it would have allowed much more 'scope' for a civil war, but it would also cut out a really cool scene that I need in order to introduce a group of people who act as guardians for C. And I need to introduce a few other people from C, because they or their children play a role in Book 5. Maybe they will be exiles?

And yes, Grandma, I will tread very carefully in the midst of this war and mayhem.

Audrey said...

For those of you who are new and haven't found my story posts yet, you can find links to several excepts on my 'Areaex' page. I intend to use that page to catalogue older story posts. Thanks!

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