Friday, September 9, 2011

Who's Who in Areaex

Since Emma asked me to post a character list and plot summary, I have been scrambling frantically to figure out both (at least, it was a bit of a mental scramble).

Until recently, I was debating the age-old question that haunts all writers at all times: plot first, or character first? Do I tell you about the action before I tell you about the people, or do I tell you about the people before I tell you about the events that affect them? Unfortunately, my story stalled last week about four paragraphs into chapter 12.

You see, I had this lovely outline—half of it was in my head, but still… And at the end of chapter 11, my characters gave me a brilliant plot twist that ruined my outline. They haven’t told me how to fix it yet, either.

Fortunately, this new dilemma solved my old one about character vs. plot. My plot may have entered limbo, but my characters have not. Their names might change, but their basic roles won’t. (I hope.)

While you have met them already, therefore, let me introduce you to:

Anna, my main character, who gets roped into an incredible, impossible journey. She is also the daughter of one of the chief men in her home country of Jicswia.

Zan and Lug, who work for Anna’s father and become Anna’s guardians on her journey.

Rooz, Munin, and Thom, wolf-hunters and tragi-comic characters, who also work for Anna’s father, under Zan’s charge. Wolf-hunters in Jicswia are important, because wolves are about the only dangers that people face back home.

Lug and his wife Mitka, an older couple from Anna’s village. I still have no idea why they decided to join the group.

Liegenor, the messenger from Winallwy, who comes to Anna’s father with a request that starts Anna on her journey. All this could be explained much clearer if I could only post their conversation. Sadly, I can’t. I’ve found that Liegenor might not be from Winallwy, but from a different country—which, of course, would change the story and the discussion slightly.

Tungral and Meygar, Liegenor’s men, who came because he came, do what he says to do, think what he thinks—at least most of the time, I think.

Also important, but in the wings:

Janek, Anna’s father, who can see more than he says and has reasons for sending his daughter on this particular journey.

Jubal, Lug and Mitka’s son. He’s not actually important now, but he's in the sequel. That might explain why Lug and Mitka are even in this story.

Jeroun Im’Gar An’ou-Chlon Gur. (His name is Jeroun; the rest is his title. Another guy with a really long title was my original inspiration for creating a secondary language.)

And finally, an unnamed, undefined villain. More on him later.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Audrey! I went back over your earlier posts after reading this, and it definitely helped! Daniel says there were some good auroras in your area Saturday night. Did you see any?

Audrey said...

Glad to oblige, Emma.

Sadly, I haven't seen any auroras. I did hear that about 3:00 am is a good time to look for them, but I haven't gotten up then to see if there are any. Maybe later on.

Anonymous said...

I love all the names you chose! Very cool. Did you make them all up? (BTW, I posted a piece of my story on my blog if you want to check it out.)


Audrey said...

Thanks, Krista! I did make up some of the names, particularly those of the strangers. I have very particular rules, for example, for the names of my Winallwy characters--their country uses suffixes to indicate whether a guy is firstborn, second or third son, and so on. Others just sounded right for the characters and the countries they came from.

I'll be sure to check your blog.

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