Wednesday, March 21, 2012

An Unexpected Gift

I received a very special gift today, one that many people don’t usually get—I have an extra day in my week.

How did this happen?

According to the calendar, today is the second official day of spring. According to the weather here, though, it is a snow day. We had more snow at my house this morning than we’ve had yet this year.


For Oregon, that means we have about half-an-inch of snow, maybe a little more.

Still, we’ve had a lot of snow for our area this winter. After my post in January about our annual snowstorm, we had a couple more late-night flurries. We thought once or twice that school might be cancelled, but the snow melted long before morning.

Today, however, we woke up to a thin layer of snow and magic outside. And so, even though we hardly have enough to go sledding, my group decided to cancel classes. I only teach one day per week, but this happens to be the day, and I actually get a snow day!

Usually I would be disappointed about missing a day. In most cases, I would also worry frantically about making up the lost time so my students and I can stay on schedule.

In this case, however, I also have a weeklong art class to plan for next week.

I enjoy teaching, and I’m looking forward to the art class, but I’ve been stressed about doing both together. It’s minor stress, maybe a 2 on a scale of 1 to 10, but that’s hard to remember sometimes just how small a stress it is. My plan for this week was to work frantically Monday and Tuesday for one class, teach Wednesday, and recover enough by Thursday to make plans so I could work frantically Friday and Saturday on the art class.

With school cancelled, my plan now is to make leisurely plans today for working at a moderate rate the rest of the week. Okay, it won’t last. I know that much.

For once, though, I have an extra day in my week to get everything done. Maybe that will help me remember not to stress about the weeks when I don’t have any extra days. Maybe—I'll try!


Andrew Engel said...

We've gotten three inches out here so far this morning.

Audrey said...

Wow--sounds like fun!

Audrey said...

We had another inch this morning, enough this time to go sledding!

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