Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Seeing Lights

That fox is still hanging around the lodge…

A couple nights ago, shortly after midnight, I went upstairs to retrieve my camera. The night was still and very bright—I was carrying my flashlight, but I could see well enough without it.

As I came out again and started down the steps, however, I heard a rustling behind me, right under the porch. I looked around and switched my flashlight on, wondering if there were any shadows big enough for a bear.

There it was—a small red shadow darting out from under the porch.

Oh well, no need to worry too much. A fox is not a bear.

Thinking the fox would run off, I went down the steps and stopped in front of the lodge for a moment, but the rustling followed me down.

After a moment, still hoping the fox was headed back toward the porch, I started down the hill to the lawn by the cabins. Again the fox followed me. When I reached the bottom of the path, the fox was less than ten feet behind me.

This fox has a white tip on its tail. On a bright night like that, it looked rather like the fox is carrying a beacon behind it, even with my flashlight on.

Bear or not, the thing was getting just a little creepy. I stopped and waited. The fox stopped and waited too, watching me. So, I took a step toward him and told him to shoo.

To my relief, he bounced off into the shadows.

I waited to see that he had really gone. Then, having shaken the pursuit for a moment at least, I headed across the lawn toward the runway. As I reached it, I could see the four other people I was looking for—dark shadows in the gray dusk.

I joined them, and we hung out there for about half-an-hour. Then, reluctantly, we turned and went the long way around, past the hanger to the lodge.

As we came up the road, guess who we saw running in front of us again…

Mr. Fox!

Still, I’m not too worried yet, because I was out again last night—hanging out on the dock in front of the church this time—and I didn’t see him once, even though I was watching for him.

So why, you may ask, was I outside after midnight the past two nights—with my camera?

It’s simple.

And spectacular.


Amber S. said...

Sounds like a crazy and bold little fox!

And oh, that picture is amazing!! I would love to see the Aurora Borealis someday - looks breathtaking. :)


Audrey said...

It was very amazing, Amber. When I watch fireworks, I'm used to hearing the explosions. The Aurora Borealis, in contrast, were so silent, and yet it was like watching music.

Anonymous said...

We really like your picturesque phrase of "watching music"!
That is an amazingly accurate description.


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