Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Week 2

Last week, I announced that I’m attempting to write 50K words in the space of a month.

It’s a crazy attempt, especially since I love to rewrite each word and sentence half-a-dozen times before moving on to the next thought. So, in attempting the NaNoWriMo challenge, I’ve set a couple smaller challenges for myself:

First, I shall not rewrite. Not even one little conjunction. (Unless it’s misspelled, of course, or needs to be replaced by a… No! Not even one.)

Second, I shall attempt to use an outline—and stick closely to the core idea of the outline, while still allowing myself to ramble into new ideas. This, if it works properly, should allow me all the benefits of both structure and spontaneity, so that the ideas continue to flow in in smooth progression, while... (Wait, what was that again?)

I’m still not sure if I’ll last out the month, but if I can complete 50k words—or even a small part of the month’s total—it should provide a good foundation for the rest of the novel. To make this happen, I’ll only focus on the essentials for the rest of this month. I’ll see what happens with the rest of the story come December.

Meanwhile, it’s time to write my 2K words for today!


Anonymous said...

It May not seem easy but it is definatly possible. It does not have to make sence. The story does not have to be in order. Just have to get to 50,000 Words. My Novel is no where near even close to being done. I know I'll have many more words to write. I tried to get the NaNoParticipant on the side bar like you have Audrey, but I could not figure out how. Oh well One of these days I will figure it out .

Audrey said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Joyce! I haven't entirely avoided the edits, but having the outline has helped immensely so far, and I was very excited this evening to pass the half way mark a day early.

Congratulations on reaching 50K already!

Daniel Sauble said...

If you need any help spelling conjunctions, let me know. I'm good with a Webster.

Audrey said...

I'll keep that in mind, thanks!

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