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Songstone: Review & Giveaway

“Is she really Huwi?”

They stole a glance, but didn’t point. They didn’t dare. For the Huwi were mysterious. They lived in the trees of the smoking mountain, among the ancient island spirits. They protected the sacred places. And they could turn to mist.


This week, I’m pleased to participate in a blog tour for Lena Goldfinch’s new release Songstone. Amber is hosting the tour over at Seasons of Humility, where you can find a list of other participating blogs and author interviews. (Also, be sure to check out the drawing below!)

As usual, this was a case of jumping in before I knew what to expect.

I like fantasy, but sometimes cringe at romance. Since Songstone has both, I didn’t know which would take the lead, or how the story would turn. Still, the story sounded interesting enough to follow up, and I’m glad I did.

(Bonus fact about Songstone—in addition to writing, Lena designs book covers, including those for her own books, through Stone Lily Publishing & Design Services. She has links on her site to portfolios with other work she has done.)

The story takes place in a—loosely—New Zealand/Maori culture, on a tropical island, with not-quite-hostile tribes separated into isolated villages.

In one of these villages, Kita lives out her own form of isolation. Not only does she look different from the other villagers—different like the enemy Huwi—Kita serves the shaman Matiko, whom the villagers fear, even while they fail to understand him.

When an old covenant between villages must be fulfilled, and a journeyman travels from the other side of the island to find a special kind of singer, Kita sees her chance to escape. To take that chance, however, means she must expose her secret talent to the world, and to her master Matiko.

As a romance fantasy, Songstone blends the magic of the island tribes with Kita’s coming of age story, and her growing attraction to the young stranger who helps her escape from Matiko. There is a relatively minor love-triangle, and many threads of romance running through the story, but I found that the book’s main question isn’t so much who-loves-whom, as it is whether Kita can escape from her fears and face the darkness lurking in her adoptive village.

I’ll admit it—I may have cringed a little at aspects of Kita’s romance, especially the love triangle. It’s a love-story and a YA novel, not my usual pick. Still, Lena makes this world live, and it moves from breath-taking to chilling as Kita discovers new secrets about her world and herself. So, if it does sound like your genre, I’d recommend a read.

For more information about Lena and her other books, check out her blog here.

[My thanks to Lena and Amber for sending me a Kindle ARC of Songstone, in exchange for my honest review of the book.]


Want to read Songstone yourself? In connection with this blog tour, Lena is offering a giveaway that includes:

• A signed copy of Songstone (Paperback)
• A sea glass necklace with turtle charm, and
• A $10 Dairy Queen gift card (U.S.) or a $10 gift card (international)

As you might guess from the list above, this drawing is open internationally, so go ahead and sign in to enter! Amber will announce the winner on her blog August 2nd, at the end of the tour. Or, you can buy your own copy through any of at any of these retailres:

~ Amazon (Kindle)
~ Barnes & Noble (Nook)
~ Kobo

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Amber Stokes said...

Great post, Audrey! I love your honest thoughts on the story, as well as your take on describing the book. :)

Thank you for being part of the blog tour - so glad to have you on board!


P.S. Bleeding Heart is pretty much all romance... So I'll totally understand if you'd prefer not to read it! You're welcome to just do a spotlight or something else for the blog tour if you still want to participate. :) Let me know!

Audrey said...

Thanks, Amber! Honestly, after rereading the post this morning, it felt a lot more analytical than I had actually felt. I did actually enjoy reading Songstone a lot.

With that, I do enjoy other books out side of my 'favorite' genres, and I'm looking forward to being part of your tour for Bleeding Heart. Maybe I should just broaden my reading categories somewhat?

Lena Goldfinch said...

Thanks, Audrey! I appreciate your honest thoughts too and for giving SONGSTONE a chance.

Like Amber, I definitely lean toward the romance end of the spectrum in my writing! :) Probably because that's what I most like to read and I'm a romantic at heart.

Thanks for hosting this stop on the blog tour!

Best wishes on a super relaxing summer, (With warm ocean breezes if you can find them ;))


Lena Goldfinch said...


Audrey said...

Thanks, Lena! I really appreciated the opportunity to read your book--and I think you did a great job with it. (It has a beautiful cover too, by the way.)

Lena Goldfinch said...

Thank you! :)

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