Friday, May 15, 2015

Let's Go Eat Some Courgettes?

It sounds like eating puppy dogs, right? Corgis? Baby corgis might be called courgettes, right?

Or does it mean baby cougars?

I've posted about the strangeness of language before. I've tried my hand at learning a couple of languages now, so I can claim a certain amount of experience in that area, but this time, I'm talking about the strangeness of English.

English English.

We're in the UK right now.

Like any good researcher, I studied up on things before hand. Things like supermarket ads--so that I wouldn't look like a complete idiot the first time I stepped into a store and asked where they keep their carts. (Oops, trolleys?)

I still wasn't ready, though, when someone asked if my toddler went to nursery yet.

Sorry? Nursery, as in the room they send babies to at church?

Oh, right...nursery as in pre-school.

No, he doesn't go. Probably won't go in the sense that you're thinking if we home school as planned, but I won't get into that right now, and I don't think I'd send a two year- old off for the day anyway. That probably means I'm a really strange American, but yeah, let's just move on.

While we're on the topic of cultural differences, I have yet to see a washcloth anywhere. We've stayed at three different houses and one really nice hotel (actually a castle) so far, and no one has included a washcloth with the towel and hand towel. And no, the castle was not attempting to recreate an authentic medieval atmosphere. There just aren't any washcloths here.

Cultural differences aside, though, we've enjoyed the trip. We had more than the usual jet-lag, due to traveling with a toddler who doesn't like riding in either cars, planes, trains, or buses, but once we got over that, we've been able to explore at a nice, leisurely pace.

It's the little things that stand out right now, like how most of the buildings are either brick or stone--regardless of their age. Right now, we're very close to James Herriot's place, so we're surrounded by sheep farms. You should try following an unmarked public footpath through sheep-infested pastures sometime--that alone would be enough adventure to keep anyone happy. Plus the tea. We've even had tea with breakfast here.

Oh, and courgettes? You might know them better as zucchini.

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