Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Paradise Creek

My sister and I went out for a walk today and got pleasantly lost in a very small sort of woods—wherever I went, I could see the fence rail on the hill above me, and the tennis courts through the trees below. (We would recommend it very much for Pooh, as a thoughtful place to think, or else a very comfortable place in which to get lost, if one must get lost.)

It was an upside-down sort of walk, from the moment we set out in a half-inch dusting of snow. Snow? Yes, it was actually the wet white stuff that turns everything cold and slushy. Fortunately for our walk, it disappeared once we got down the first hill and into town. From there on, we noticed—and photographed—all the anomalies we discovered along the way, and they were many.

We started by finding Paradise—Paradise Creek, that is. Aren’t we sometimes optimistic about our names?

Should the name be considered a simple irony? Does it hint at the sort of hope that ‘springs eternal,’ to which we are all prone? Can it indicate that this dingy rivulet is, in fact, far better than it looks? Perhaps it suggests the road to Paradise—unpromising at times, but far pleasanter in the end? Or else it just looks nicer in the spring, when the grass is green and the trees have leaves.

We left the question and Paradise Creek behind, wandering our way up the road, passing castles along the way, and dodging cars and pickups at every crosswalk.

Once we entered the woods, though, we entered the stillness where cars could not make their way and dogs were prohibited…

…as were also, apparently, upside-down bicycles. If you find your way here, make sure your bicycle remains in an upright position at all times. (No, I still don’t have a camera. The photos are courtesy of my sister, along with a few of the random thoughts.)

We also found some odd-shaped flora.

We could have stopped for lunch, but we were a little early for that, and the picnic table had just enough snow on it to make things uncomfortable.

So, since—unlike Pooh—we did not have to wait for Tigger to unbounce, our walk soon ended and we emerged from the woods—into another galaxy.

I'll let you know if we manage to find our way home again.


Andrew said...

Oddly familiar scenery... Hmm...

:looks nervously behind him:

The Front said...

Upside-down bicycles. Wow. The difference between humor and incompetency is very subtle. I can't decide which this is.

Audrey said...

Well, yes, someone had a screw loose that time.

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