Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Looking for a Sign?

You could call it the signs of the times, or not…

During a recent trip to the beach, my family and I started to notice some of the unusual road signs along the way. Then I started to realize that they told a story of sorts (or would if they were put into the proper order).

Here you are, at the beginning of your trip:

First, you need a very special kind of bike—one that rides on water. Would this take pontoons, or maybe a paddle bike?

But beware, danger ahead:

So make sure you know which way to turn...
..and how fast to go...

(Oh, wait, that's for cars! Speaking of cars, you'll need to watch out for traffic on the road, from emergency vehicles to crazy drivers on wet roads. This is the coast, after all.)

If all this gets to be too much for you, why not stop by the library for a short rest?

If you do, you'll need to know where the parking is.

And, while you're at it, it's nice to know where both of these places are...

...any injuries yet? Then you can stop by the hospital. Otherwise, why not go swimming? It might be a slightly safer form of exercise. But you are headed somewhere, so eventually you have to get back on the road.

Only a little further, before you'll leave the danger zone behind.

And then the campground is in sight...oh the joy! Walk on the beach, have dinner, and finally to bed.

What signs have you seen recently?

(This post was inspired primarily by the Oregon Coast Bike Route sign. Strangely enough, though, that was the only sign for which I couldn't get a photo myself. I found the  image here, at the official bike route site.)

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