Thursday, April 19, 2012

Night Shot 7: Poll

…then the shadow swept across him, and darkness fell. Jerry lay silent, motionless, as the rain fell pattering around him. The station light flickered dimly in the wind.


Was Jerry dead?


But will he survive? That you must decide.

I’ve posted a poll in the sidebar, and this is your chance to contribute to the story. Vote or leave a comment—what do you think should happen next? Does Jerry die, the story end, and everyone else go on as before? Or does Jerry survive and the story continue for a few more twists and turns? If you need to review the story, feel free to start back at Night Shot 1: The Beginning and follow it through.

Why am I doing this? When I started writing Night Shot, I expected to hear at least occasional feedback from you. Since I haven't heard anything, I'm quite willing to assume that you are bored by the story and want it to go away. So, now you have full license to explain what you think ought to happen to Jerry or any of the other characters. Tell me if you want the story to end, or else persuade me to keep it going.

The poll closes at midnight, Thursday, April 26th. I will post either the continuing episode or the farewell episode on that Friday, based on your response.

The fate of the story is in your hands. Choose wisely!

(P. S. I promise to heed the majority’s voice in regards to all the general details, though I claim full license in regards to the particulars.)


Andrew Engel said...

Well, first of all, my theory is he's a fanciful chap prone to ridiculous imaginings, and while he thinks he's pursuing a nefarious shadow, all he's doing is getting freaked out over photo distortions produced by a lens aberration, and then scaring himself into a heart attack over, well, normal shadows.

Andrew Engel said...

Also... why is there an "Other" in your poll? I'm a mite perplexed how someone could do other than survive or not survive... unless you're going to freeze him in carbonite.

Audrey said...

The proceedings and plots filed under "Other" are top-secret, high-priority, classified information, which cannot be disclosed without proper security clearance. Unless you can show this clearance, I can't possible answer that question, though I would consider answering questions on anything other than that.

And, since when have normal shadows been..."normal?"

Anonymous said...

Keep going as it is getting interesting. You can't leave him to die in the wet gravel. Love you, Grandma Jo

Audrey said...

Thanks, Grandma! Love you too.

Audrey said...

I've deleted the poll by now, but you can find out what happened next in the next episode:

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