Thursday, July 19, 2012

One Year Out

Today marks exactly one year from my first post on this blog.

So many things have happened that I didn’t expect—to be back in Alaska for another summer, to become a blog reviewer for Tyndale, to still be working on the first book of my Areaex series (though I should hardly be surprised by that), to be still posting steadily after a full year, among other things.

This week also marks my second month working at the Farm Lodge this summer. (For those of you who like numbers, I’ve now been here as long this summer as I was here last summer. I’m also planning to stay here for another three months, until the fall. I haven’t set a return date yet, but it will probably be about mid-October.)

How have things gone here recently?

Work is good, work is busy, work is crazy—work is good?

And when we have fourteen guests show up unexpectedly one evening, I do want to ask whether they are heading to Rivendell or running from the orcs. It might make a difference for tonight? (The official story was that they had been delayed by bad weather on their way to another lodge.)

Some days we have lots of sunshine, some days we have fog and mist so thick that only the large planes can make it out to Anchorage. After a couple weeks of that, it was nice to see the sun again recently.

Along the way, life is full of surprises (yes, that is a cliche), and unexpected things are happening every day. It's almost like finding dogwood that grows on the ground instead of in trees. Fields of white dogwood—how does that sound?

So life is crazy; life is good.

Friends are good also—I've enjoyed hearing from a number of people while I've been here, and I apologize to those I haven't kept up with.

And finally, the mountains are still amazing, even at midnight.

Yes, I took that photo very close to midnight a couple weeks ago. I've only stayed up that late a couple times, but it can be hard sometimes to remember that I still need sleep.

Who needs sleep when you can still get great photos outside?


Amy Lewis said...

I love the progression and contrasts in the photos. Stunning. I think I'd have a hard time sleeping too, in the midst of such grandeur and beauty.

Krista M.V. said...

Sounds like you're still having lots of fun! I half wish I could drop by too--see the mountains for myself! :)

Audrey said...

Thanks, Amy! That's actually very close to the order I took them in, from May to early July.

And it is quite fun, Krista--I wish you could come too. I'm hoping to get time for a little more exploring by the end of the summer.

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