Tuesday, August 7, 2012

PTA's Believe It Or Not 3.0

It’s August?

About a year ago, not long after starting my blog, I resolved to post something at least once per week—barring unforeseen or insurmountable obstacles. Last week, if you happened to be waiting for me to post something, you might have wondered where I went…

One of those obstacles had intervened.

We had our internet connection shut off.

About Friday afternoon, already behind on my schedule, I was frantically finishing up a long overdue book review. And then, when I opened my browser and typed in the address to open my blog, I found only dead ends and blank pages.

It’s amazing how much you can’t do without that small detail called an internet connection. It’s also amazing how much you can do without it.

For now, though, I have internet back, and I’ve posted twice today to make up for last week.

Oh, and out of the past week, we have had a total one (1) day of sunshine. Yesterday.

Happily, yesterday was also the day I begged off work to climb the mountain with a few other people. That might be another blog post in itself—sometime later on, wind and internet permitting.

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