Thursday, May 22, 2014

Resistance: Review & Giveaway

What happens when a Robin Hood story collides with a sadistic Roman emperor?

The Ilyon Chronicles, apparently.

At the top of Arcacian society, Kyrin has been chosen and trained for special service to the emperor. Obedience means safety, but obedience means worshipping Arcacia’s moon gods, instead of the true God whom Kyrin serves.

At the far edge of society, Jace is more than an outcast. He’s a half-blood Ryrik, an unheard of combination. Everyone knows to fear the brutal, furious Ryriks. No one trusts even a half-Ryrik, and Jace figures they’re right, given his past. He would avoid the rest of the world, except that his one real friend has been called into a dangerous political situation.

Their worlds collide when the emperor orders everyone to worship the moon gods—under pain of death.

Resistance is the first of the Ilyon Chronicles, a six book series by Jaye L. Knight. With lots of action and close escapes, the book is a thick one, a little slow in places, but a very good read. Plus, I thoroughly enjoyed the way Resistance blends the Roman Empire with medieval fantasy. There’s a bit more of a history than fantasy so far, but I didn’t find that to be a problem.

For me, the biggest challenge was the book’s pacing—Resistance is a self-contained story with a massive cast list. Most of the main characters’ problems cleared up by the end, but the story itself seems more like an introduction for the rest of the series. It's a way to get the main characters in the same place so the real story can begin. That, with some clunky writing in the first half of the book, makes the story feel slow in places, even with an action-packed plot. At the same time, it also means I’ll need to read the next book to find out how the real story goes. Since I like the premise so far, I'm hoping things will pick up a bit more in the next book.

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[My thanks to the author for sending me a Kindle ARC of Resistance, in exchange for taking part in this blog tour.]


Amber Stokes said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on Resistance for the tour, Audrey! I love the "Robin Hood meets a sadistic Roman Emperor" tagline. ;) It's definitely a longer read, but I'm glad it has you intrigued about the series!


Audrey Sauble said...

Thanks, Amber!

Jaye L. Knight said...

Thanks for sharing your review, Audrey! I'm glad you liked the Roman/medieval blend. I really enjoyed the world building for this series. :)

Audrey Sauble said...

Thanks, Jaye! I appreciate you stopping by.

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