Thursday, July 24, 2014

Photo Studios & Puppies

This week, I again started something new and set up a homemade photo studio. I've wanted to work on my photography for a long time, and an excuse came up to play with it a little. This project hasn't helped me any with understanding aperture and shutter speed, but it has been fun to play with a new sort of creativity. 

And, in reading up on the process, I finally learned how to create a nice clean background for photos...tape a large sheet of paper to the wall and let it curve down across the floor. A single sheet of paper: background, foreground, wall and floor all in the same piece. Well, duh. 

No more horizontal lines running across the photo! I feel almost professional.

I might need to work on that glare in the background, though.

And I promise I'll get back to writing soon. The stories have been stirring--they just haven't emerged from their lair quite yet.

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