Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Areaex I

I discovered this week that my characters like arguing. They started arguing in chapter 6, and now they're doing it again in chapter 7. This, incidentally, is further than I've managed to write before, and the story still looks like it is working...


For yet another hour, Liegenor pushed them on, past two or three hamlets, past soggy fields, past marshland and forest. Yugly and Mitka fell slowly behind the others. Anna, growing sore and stiff, trudged just ahead of them until Liegenor turned and shouted for them to keep up. After that, she tried to hurry.

At last, Liegenor halted. He waited a moment for the others to catch up. “How far to the next hamlet?” he asked. “Another half-mile, isn’t it?”

“More,” Zan answered. “We’d have to go off the path a little.”

The others gathered around them, pale shadows in the dusk.

Lug shifted his pack and growled. “It’d have been better to stop at the South Village, or the hamlets. I know folks in the hamlets who’d have had us in.”

“I’d rather camp out,” Liegenor retorted. “Especially after that last pigsty we stayed in coming up. I suppose, though, that you want to be indoors if you can?”

“Some of the outliers are rough,” Munin said. “Where did you stop before?”

Liegenor shrugged. “One of the places in Roka’s valley—or that’s what they called it,” he replied. “Now do you show us the way to this place ahead, Zan, or do we stay here?”

“Roka’s?” Rooz asked. “Not really? Isn’t that where you’re from Zan?”

“What do you say, Anna?” Zan asked.

“Keep going—it can’t be far now,” Lug put in.

Anna felt herself flush as the others turned to look at her. “What do you think, Zan? Will they have space for us?”

“It’s Jicswia,” Zan said. “We’ll find one of the Viexma to let us in.”

“Just get on with it,” Liegenor commanded.

Lug muttered something under his breath, but the others shuffled back into line and started forward once more. “At least we’ll see the Gray Falls tomorrer,” he grumbled as he moved after Liegenor and Zan. “Can’t fuss with that, what?”

“Were we to pass that way?” Zan asked, glancing back. Even in the darkness, Anna could see Zan’s grin. “I had thought the path made west from here, not down, toward the falls. That’s the round-about as you’re wanting. I doubt Liegenor would like it.”

“Would waste half the morning, likely,” Rooz agreed. “Why bother?”

“You do talk,” Lug grumbled. “Where else were we to go, if not to there?”

“We're to go to Winallwy,” Zan answered.

“Keep moving,” Liegenor ordered.

Lug snorted. “I were come to see the falls—and I'm going to see them.”

“Why waste the whole morning?” Zan asked lightly. “No gain, what, to go all that way down and back?”

“Then we won’t bother with it,” Liegenor snapped. “We didn’t see them on our way up and I don’t care to see them tomorrow or any other day. You waste enough time with your fussing. How do you ever get a thing done?”

“I'm going to see The Falls,” Lug repeated.

“What do you say, Anna?” Zan asked suddenly, his tone changing. “I guess we'd have time to see the falls if you wanted to.”

“Why not?” Anna answered, carefully. “It won’t actually take the morning, will it?”

“More like an hour,” Zan answered. “I’ve heard there’s a bad bit in the path, but no worse than it will be further on. The trip's so long anyway, as Liegenor says, that a little out of our way won't hurt much.”

“It would be a pity not to see the falls,” Anna said.

“What were I telling you?” Lug said, triumphant. “Anna’s got things figured out better than the rest of you, what?”

Liegenor blew his breath out loudly. “Why don’t we find this hamlet now?” he demanded. “Before it gets so dark we can’t see it? And in the morning, we’ll discuss whether we go past these falls or not. For now, just get moving.”

He pushed past Zan and tromped forward, his two men still following at a steady march. The others re-formed their broken line, and Zan moved past Liegenor
to take up the lead again.


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Sounds like R2 and Threepio...

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I want more. :-)

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I'm hoping to post more in the next week or two...chapter 9 had taken a couple twists on me recently.

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