Friday, October 7, 2011

6 Days, 23 Hours

I packed my bags today, and I'm heading out.

No, I’m not headed home quite yet. Not for another week. But we’ve been working very hard the past few days to close down the lodge for the winter. We have our two last guests tonight, and when they leave tomorrow, we’ll clean the cabins one more time, package the bedding into plastic garbage bags, and turn out the lights. Then Andy, our handyman, will empty the fuel out of the heaters and drain all the water from the pipes—it takes a lot of work to get things ready for 40-below weather.

Meanwhile, at the lodge, we’ve been cleaning out cupboards and packaging up food. Breakfast tomorrow morning will be out last meal here. After breakfast, we’ll be eating at Jael’s house for the next week until we leave. The other girls and I are moving over there too, since we won't have water in the lodge after Sunday.

The pantry downstairs looks very empty now, even with a few bins with food that won’t freeze over the winter…

…Jell-O boxes, for example.

These days, the light goes pretty quick as well. At eight, when I went down to close our gift-shop for the night, the mountains were glowing with fresh snow, but everything else was dark. That means it’s right about time to head home now, I think.

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