Saturday, October 22, 2011

Turnings and Returnings

So I’m back.

Actually, I’ve now been back for a full week. I flew into Eugene last Friday about 7 p.m., my family met me at the airport, and we drove out to a pizza place for dinner. We had to wait over an hour before our pizza finished baking, but we had plenty to talk about, as you might imagine.

Friday, on the flight home, especially from Port Alsworth to Anchorage, I took some lovely mountain-and-snow-and-cloud photos. Unfortunately, I left my camera (maybe on the plane?) in Seattle. I’ve tried several times, but I still can’t remember whether I left the camera on the plane or carried it off and set it down later. I’ve been hoping Alaska Airline would call to say they’ve found it, but by now, that’s not likely. The only pictures you get are these, therefore:

Saturday, I unpacked. That is, I gradually emptied my two suitcases, one backpack, and a laptop case all over my room while wandering off with items for show and tell. If you’re wondering “What can you possibly empty out of a laptop case (besides the laptop)?”—well, a lot. The laptop case alone weighed 16 lbs. on my flight up to Alaska, between laptop, story papers, and various books that I managed to cram in.

Sunday morning, I went to church. Sunday afternoon I read two books—Plot it Yourself by Rex Stout and The Kestrel by Lloyd Alexander. Sunday evening, I played Clue with my family, and then read another book. Despite carrying almost a dozen books with me, I didn’t have much time for reading in Alaska. I felt a little starved for a while, but I’m starting to recover.

Monday—what did I do Monday? More unpacking, and then several hours at the library, trying to sort out various tangles and not getting anywhere much. I still haven’t answered my last set of emails, sorry.

Tuesday, I helped a couple ladies from church clean the art closet, got some things settled for the art class on Thursday, and went back to the library for two hours to catch up on Spanish homework. Not having enough to do, I decided I wanted to take Spanish this year. The class started in September, though, so I’m about six classes behind.

Wednesday—more homework, got lost on my way to the Spanish class, errands in the afternoon, and a nice chunk of story writing in the evening.

Thursday—art class all afternoon, and a friend’s wedding in the evening. Did I mention that I’m supposed to organize and teach these classes for the next few weeks? The only problem is…I have no experience with teaching and I’m only pretending to be an artist. (My mom, my sister, and everyone who has helped me look like I know what I’m doing—thank you, thank you, thank you!)

Friday—back at school, again? During college, I helped with a summer drama camp to fill some required volunteer hours. I went back this summer to help again, just for fun. During the second week of camp, I was offered a part-time job organizing the school’s drama closet. Now that I’m back from Alaska and have lots of time on my hands, I get to sort costumes from all the previous plays, from the Egyptian Exodus to 20th Century America!

Saturday—I’m not sure about Saturday yet. Perhaps more Spanish homework and lots of writing? The wheels broke loose, the cogs are rolling, and I’m back at work on chapters 12-14. I was supposed to finish chapter 12 first, but I wanted to write a lovely cut-throat scene for chapter 14, so I jumped ahead. Life is good right now.

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yayyy! I'm glad you're back, Audrey! :)


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