Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What to do about nothing?

Back in November, in my last Areaex post, I promised to describe the problems that accompany any attempt to build a suitable sequence of events. This post is dedicated to only one of these difficulties, and a relatively minor challenge at that. I'm trying to avoid overloading you right off.

The problem?

When dead verbiage gets in the way of a story.

In other words, I can create an absolutely lovely sequence of events, with great action and amazing interaction between the characters—but if it's not part of the story I'm telling, either it must die or part of the story dies.

I found one of these sections recently. Actually, I’ve been finding a lot—it seems to be the only thing I can do at the moment. With this particular selection, even though I liked how it fit into the story originally, once I changed an earlier scene, this 'encounter at an inn' became redundant. Worse, it began to impede the flow of the action. I killed it, therefore. Yes, I did it—mea culpa.

I thought briefly about posting the section here, so at least a few people could read it as a sort of literary obituary for dead writing.

Unfortunately, when I went back to look at it last, I realized it was very dead indeed, nearly as dead as a coffin nail, in fact. It has passed on, and it is far too dead to post here or anywhere else.

Rest in peace, poor dead verbiage.

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