Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Monsters on a Hike

Yes, we escaped from our last ramble. If you’re still waiting with baited breath to learn whether we arrive safely home after our visit to Paradise Creek—well, we made it.

The problem with safe escapes is that no one ever leaves well enough alone. We should have known better. We had all the warnings.

If it’s a dangerous business stepping out your front door, I shudder to think what dangers await a five-mile jaunt in the woods. Not just any woods, either.

We had only walked a short ways down the trail, you see, when we passed through the Gate. I hardly barely time to think “Narnia!” before the world blurred and we emerged into the far past.

Oops! Too late to go back. We could only hope to find our way out again.

In these woods, in the time of the far past, a person can find anything—at least, almost anything. You just have to look in the right places. We set out to find waterfalls, and we did. All along the trail, we saw hundreds of magnificent cascading streams.

We also found a few things we didn’t expect to see—waterfalls falling onto bridges, for example.

The most troublesome sight, though, were the monsters. What monster, you ask? There aren’t any monsters around.

Oh, yes there are—quite a few of them, in fact. Fortunately, my brother let me borrow his camera (I had nearly forgotten how much fun a camera is)…

We spotted the first giant just around the corner from the falls. The others crowded close behind.

We stayed on the path, though, and bypassed as many monsters as we couldn’t dodge. We also didn’t try to cross the Bridge to Nowhere on the island of nowhere in particular.

The road was long, the way hard, and it became tempting after a time to sit down and give up.

Not to mention that innumerable other doors beckoned us into other worlds, where the trees were far greener and the monsters more terrible…

enormous spidery creatures thrashing through the brush.

Oh—how did we get back? Very fortunately, toward the end of our journey, we arrived at the Net and made a successful time-travel trip back to the present (best described by Connie Willis in To Say Nothing of the Dog). So yes, we’re safely home again.

P.S. Should you happen to find yourself hereabouts, watch out for the sort of stray creatures that roam the woods at this time of year.


Andrew Engel said...

Yeah, it was a good thing that you had me along.

Audrey said...

Oh? After you tried to jump out and scare us?

Andrew Engel said...


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