Friday, May 11, 2012

Night Shot 10: Interruption

In which Silas tries to explain what happened last night


Jerry and Captain Nwin stared at Silas.

Silas grinned at them sheepishly, but Jerry noticed that the old man was gripping a thin notebook, his hands shaking with excitement as he shook his head. “No,” Silas went on. “I really don’t think Jerry would remember seeing this. Not if the stories I’ve heard have any truth.”

“What stories?” Captain Nwin demanded. “Not those stories again.”

Jerry just looked from one to the other, wishing one of them would explain what they thought he’d been doing—“Or why they cared what he’d doing—or even why he wasn’t supposed to remember what he’d been doing, if he’d been doing it instead of not doing it?

Silas wrinkled one eyebrow, and Captain Nwin frowned at him. “This isn’t going to work,” she said. “I want to know how and why Jerry was wandering around the train station last night, and you want to talk about ghost stories again.”

“I wasn’t at the train station,” Jerry protested. “At least—I don’t remember going to a train station.”

“Isn’t that how it works, though?” Silas asked eagerly. “Isn’t that how it always works? That—”

He broke off, and Jerry heard a phone beeping faintly. Instinctively, he reached for his pocket, but his phone wasn’t there. Then he saw Captain Nwin pull a phone out and turn away to answer it. “Same model as mine,” Jerry thought, before he remembered not to stare at the captain. He turned away, trying to pretend he wasn’t listening.

“Hello?” Captain Nwin said. Her voice changed slightly. “I’m sorry—yes—yes, he’s here—here he is.”

Jerry heard her hiss at him. “Jerry.” He turned back, and she shoved the phone toward him. “It’s yours,” she whispered. He stared at her, and she pushed the phone into his hand. “Your phone,” she insisted. “You lost it, and one of the officers picked it up this morning—at the train station.”

Dazed, Jerry took the phone and answered it. “At the train station? How had it gotten there? Unless he—

“Jerry—Jerry—are you there? Are you alright? What’s going on?”

(And the story continues—in Night Shot 11.)

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