Friday, May 4, 2012

Night Shot 9: Morning

In which, at long last, after leaving Jerry in darkness, the story returns to him…


A long time passed, and the rain had almost trickled to a stop.

Then Jerry began to stir. Slowly, he got to his feet and checked his camera. He couldn’t think what time it was, all he could see was the faint light bobbing above the train station and darkness all around. After a moment, he felt around in his pockets, wondering what he was missing.

Jerry tucked his camera under his coat and trudged back toward the road. The darkness wheeled and rippled around him, so that he had to feel his way along the edge of the pavement, stumbling in the dark. After about ten minutes, he reached the first streetlight. It seemed an age, though, before he finally reached his car.

When he got home, Jerry carried his laptop and his camera inside. The house was dark, and Jerry went into the kitchen, flicking the light on and setting his laptop on the counter. He felt too tired to think straight, but he mechanically dried his camera, took a hot shower, and at last went to bed.

About nine o’clock next morning, Jerry was barely awake, staring at the dishes in his sink and wondering what he should do for breakfast, when the knock came.

When he reached the door and opened it, he stared blankly for a moment before he recognized Captain Nwin—and Silas.

Jerry mumbled a good morning and stepped back to let them in. Closing the door behind Silas, he followed them into the living room and waited, looking from Silas to Captain Nwin.

The captain spoke first. “So what happened last night?” she asked, tilting her head back and frowning at Jerry.

He shook his head, confused.

“Last night—what were you doing last night?” Captain Nwin repeated.

“I don’t know—took some pictures I guess, and went to bed.” Jerry answered.

Captain Nwin exploded. “You’re not doing that again—you absolutely are not—” Jerry gaped at her. “I won't take it again—and you're going to tell me exactly what you think you’re up to—whatever is was you thought you were doing at the train station and whatever it was that—that—whatever it was that you saw or did or heard.”

She stepped toward Jerry. “Why were you even at the train station? How did you know to go there? What did you see there?”

Jerry shifted uneasily, but Captain Nwin stood glowering at him. “I don’t know,” he insisted. “What about the train station? I don’t even remember being there.”

Captain Nwin’s jaw tightened, but Silas stopped her before she could retort.

They both looked at him, and he shook his head, smiling. “I don’t think Jerry would remember—not if he’d really seen something,” he said softly. “Let’s start with what we do have and see if that helps.”

(What does Silas know? Keep reading with Night Shot 10 to find out!)

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