Thursday, September 6, 2012

Rescuing Books...

...rescued by books?

Very early this summer, not long after I arrived at the lodge, we were told that some old books were being moved from storage into the burn pile. Oh, and there were some books in with all the rest of collection.

Let books be burned? Certainly not!

 So, another girl and I trekked down to the burn pile and picked through it, rescuing as many books as we could. (Though not all of them, sadly—I'll do better next time, I'm sorry, mea cupla...)

I came back with an armload of books—a few well-known classics, and a few oddballs, like Just So Stories and The Call of Alaska.

This was in May.

It's now September.

I've read the first couple chapters from two of these books; I've even read one of them clear through, along with a few others books I'd brought from home. Most of the books just sat on my shelf, though, and waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Then one of the girls asked me this week..."Are you alright?"

I was surprised. Yes, sure, I'm fine. Tired, but that's normal around here. Maybe a little disconnected, maybe a little crazier than usual, but still fine, just fine...

A couple hours later, though, I realized there was a major problem in my life. One almost unbelievable and most certainly inexcusable.

I hadn't read a book in over a month, not since I posted my last book review.

Now, I may have read a short section from one of my rescue books, and I might have looked at a couple photo books. In all that time, however—in an entire month—I hadn't sat down and read a book.

Among English Majors, that must be a record. I know it is for me, and fortunately, I knew at once how to remedy it. That afternoon, I pulled out one of my thickest books, climbed onto the top bunk, and started reading. (It was not, I must admit, one of the books I'd rescued, but one of those I'd brought with me. It was a book, nonetheless.)

I didn't get far—time tends to get a little limited around here, with only two hours off between cleaning cabins and prepping for dinner. But I did get some mental relief, and a brief trip to another place, before I came back to lodge life and headed upstairs to chop cucumbers for that night's salad. I'm planning to head back to the book again soon.

So, how's it going here?

Still sane!

Hurrah for books!

(Beautiful, beautiful books!)

Oh, and some other news for this week...

...the snow this year was almost exactly two weeks earlier than it was last year.

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