Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Puh-TAY-tuhs: Alaskan Style

Monday, September 19.

Port Alsworth, Alaska.

Fresh snow on the mountains in the morning, potatoes vines beginning to die, no guests arriving today, and two of the farmboys are leaving later in the week. It's time to dig potatoes!

After working here the whole summer, I'm now initiated into the world of potato farming, from planting in early June, to harvesting at the end of summer. I've seen it all. (Well, almost all, since the guys were responsible for hilling the potatoes halfway through the summer. The other girls and I were probably busy cleaning our 352nd cabin about then.)

Last year, the potatoes took us three days to dig. This year, we had plenty of help...we started Monday‑and finished Monday. You know that feeling where you can hardly move, it's almost five o'clock and definitely past time for a break, but there's only one (or two) more rows of fat, heavy potatoes left to dig and haul?

Yes, that was our day on Monday.

And now all the potatoes are safely stored away in the farm's root cellar. We might not have asmany this year, but they're done, finished, ended...

...just in time for fall, golden leaves, and early snow on the mountains...


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