Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Book Preview

The best of intentions aside, I haven’t done much writing recently.

But, I have been able to do more reading, and that means more book reviews to come up soon, including a review for The Hero’s Lot, sequel to A Cast of Stones, which I reviewed back in March.

(I’ll just say it now—if you haven’t read A Cast of Stones yet, you should, before adding The Hero’s Lot to your list.)

In addition, I will also review Lena Goldfinch's Songstone on July 31st. This is a brand new fantasy romance, available July 22nd, and I’m honored to be part of the blog tour and giveaway Amber is putting together over at Seasons of Humility. I’ll also add that I enjoyed reading Songstone, and I’ll look forward to reviewing it at the end of the month. (It's got a good bit of romance, yes, as well as a very unique, South Pacific-style fantasy setting.)

And in August, I will be joining Amber for a second blog tour, this time for her debut historical romance novel, Bleeding Hearts. Amber is a college friend of mine, so I’m very excited with her to see this book come out.

Another book I’ve read recently and would like to recommend is Dreamlander, by K. M. Weiland. I’ve been reading Weiland’s blog for writers ( since last December and enjoyed her insight, so I was glad to review one of her books recently. I'll post either the review or a link to it soon.

And, because I don’t have enough reading to do yet, I borrowed about a dozen books yesterday to catch up on my reading for Speculative Faith’s 2012 Clive Staples Award, for Christian speculative fiction novels.

Voting started Monday for the award, so if you read a lot of the fantasy or science fiction genres, you might head over there before July 17th, to vote for your favorite. Even if you’re not interested in voting, you might still want to look at the list of nominees, for something of a suggested reading list. I’ve only read three of the books so far, but I have enjoyed Shannon Dittemore’s Angel Eyes (as well as the rest of that series), and what I’ve read of Elizabeth Ann Stengl (Starflower) and Kathy Tyers (Firebird).

What books have you discovered recently?


Amber Stokes said...

Hi, Audrey! So appreciate having you on the blog tours for Songstone and Bleeding Heart! Thank you so much for the S/O and the support! :)

And thanks for the heads up about the Clive Staples Award! I'd read 6 of the ones on the list, so I voted for my favorites of those. :) Have you read any of Jill Williamson's books? They're good! Especially love Replication, and her latest, Captives.

I really need to catch up on some reading, too...


Audrey said...

 My pleasure, Amber!

I have read Jill's Blood of Kings Trilogy (really liked it), as well as Replication. I'm still working on Captives, so I haven't made up my mind yet--all her books have been very different!

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