Monday, August 12, 2013

Free Ebooks for You

Thanks to Diane Estrella's site, I found a link this morning to Amazon's top 100 free Ebooks in Religious Fiction. I've used Amazon's free list before to find some very good reads, but today I saw two books in particular you should know about:

A Cast of Stones, by Patrick Carr--I've reviewed this book before, back in March, but I'll recommend it again. I would rank it as one of my favorite YA fantasies, both for Carr's cast of characters, and the way he develops his medieval world with a sense the supernatural and a church hierarchy to be reckoned with. It's a rather dark world, but I enjoyed it immensely. If you've been curious, this might be your chance to read it.

Back on Murder, by J. Mark Bertrand--as the title suggests, this is a murder mystery. Once an all-star detective, Roland March knows he's on his way out, but he's hoping this time to get the big case, instead of the little side-shows he's had to do recently. And when he finds a clue the other investigators miss, he might just have that chance. If he can't make it this time, though, he may be out for good. While I've only read the first couple of chapters to this book, I've heard great recommendations for Bertrand's work, and I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the story.

These are both the first book in a series, so don't blame me if you get hooked! I don't know how long either will be available free, but for now, I'd suggest you check them might be a great opportunity to add a couple books to your summer reading list.

Also, my friend Amber Stokes now has her first novel--the historical romance Bleeding Hearts--available for sale on Amazon. (And, at the moment, Bleeding Hearts is available for Amazon Prime members to borrow free.) I'll be reviewing the book August 21st as part of Amber's blog tour, but you should know now that it's a story about broken hearts finding restoration. Plus, Amber has a great historical setting (Nevada silver mines and California redwood forests), and very engaging characters. 


Grace M said...

I already knew about these, but thanks for sharing! :-D



Amber Stokes said...

Gotta love those Amazon deals, right?? Although I've been really bad about picking up cheap Kindle books WAY too often - and even the cheap ones add up eventually, LOL! At least the free ones do no harm to your wallet. ;)

Thanks so much for the S/O about Bleeding Heart! I really appreciate your support. :) So glad you're liking the settings and characters!


Audrey said...

You're welcome, Grace!

Audrey said...

I know, Amber, though I've limited myself to free ebooks so far. It's amazing what you can find, but my list of want-to-reads is always growing.

I'm really looking forward to your blog tour!

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