Friday, August 26, 2011

Folk Song

A couple of Anna’s friends in my story like to sing. This is a folk song that they would know—it comes from Jiscwia, their home country. I tried to use a ballad’s 4-3 rhythm, but the scansion was a little tricky and the rhymes are missing entirely. I only know these four stanzas, but as you might guess, this sort of song could go on indefinitely. It always stops with the wolf, though:

I went out one morning to hear a fox bark;
He was asleep in the hay,
With a bag full of feathers lying by his side
And two chickens gone from the barn.

I went out one morning to see a fish jump;
But he hid under a log
In the shade and the shadows of the old cow pond,
And he wouldn’t come out to play.

I went out one morning to see a hawk fly;
He soared on most beautifully
Till I climbed a tree to gather an egg,
When he swooped down and drove me away.

I went out one morning to watch a wolf run;
I found him snarling by my barn.
Then I waved my arms and shouted “run away!”
And he chased me home again.

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Andrew said...

And he huffed, and he puffed...

Yes, that does appear to never end. Why does that remind me of something?

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