Tuesday, September 13, 2011

PTA Trivia

We ate moose ribs for dinner last night--along with grilled salmon and veggies straight out of our garden. Oh, and the moose was shot just a couple days ago by a guide/handyman who works for the lodge. He and one of the guys on the ground crew hauled it back by boat, and several people worked at cutting it up. They just finished tonight.

Other things you might like to know about Port Alsworth:

  • Never expect to use the same schedule for more than about an hour--or more than five minutes in some cases. One night, we planned dinner for seven, added five hunters who thought they might not be able to fly out because of the wind, and then took them off the list again when the wind let up a few hours later and they made it out. Today, we had no guests scheduled to arrive. This morning, though, we had to get six cabins ready for a group of nine that will fly in later this evening.

  • At the Cranberry Cache, the lodge's mini-store, nearly all the candybars cost $2 . I'm now authorized to sell them to you if you come. I can also turn the fuel pump on for you and sell you Avgas, costing $8 a gallon, but you have to pump it yourself--we aren't authorized to pump gas.

  • If you want pizza, you can make it yourself or order it from Anchorage and have it flown in (an hour away). Some people do just that.

  • If you want a more high-class meal, the lodge is officially the town restaurant and anniversary get-away. We've set up tables for three couples in the past two weeks.

  • Speaking of meals, we have salmon at least once a week, on a rotation schedule with pork chops, spare ribs, barbecued ribs, and steaks. We also have lasagna or enchiladas occasionally. 

P.S. If you ever come here--remember to add some cold water when you run the hot water tap, and some hot when you run the cold water. Without that small precaution, the water here will give you hypothermia in 10 minutes or less. And yes, people do go swimming up here.

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Andrew said...

What's the delivery charge for Figaros from Anchorage? For Pizza Hut? Does it work in reverse - can people order moose from Pt. A and have it flown to Anchorage?

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