Thursday, June 21, 2012

In Hot Water

Water heaters are a wonderful invention—we have one here at the lodge.

“Okay,” you say. “So do we.”

We also have an emergency water heater system:

Last week, our hot water heater decided to go on strike. Three consecutive days it went on strike. (It seemed to think we were seriously overworking it.)

It was smart, too.

It waited just until everyone had finished breakfast and we were stacking dishes into the sink to wash. Then it quit. The first time, Jael reset it and it gave in.

The second time, about the time we finished dinner, it quit again. Jael reset it—and reset it another time. Finally, it cooperated.

The third time—

“Jael, do you want to go kick the water heater again?”

After a while, we discovered an effective threat, a threat strong enough to keep the water heater running—we filled two very large pots with water and put them on the stove to boil. Meanwhile, we began rinsing dishes in cold water and stacking them in one sink to wash so we could move them to another sink to rinse and sanitize. About the time the water in the pots started to boil, the water heater began working again.

We kept the pots on the stove for about two days…not simmering, just waiting. Threatening, you might say.

Now, we live in a place where water heaters do not grow on trees. If you want a new one, you need to call someone in town to pick it out and get it to the airfield so you can get it shipped out to you. (Freight always gets bumped in favor of passengers.) Fortunately for us, though, someone had a spare water heater sitting around that we could install. It just needed a different size of connectors.

They arrived this week, and we now have a water heater again.

As I said, water heaters are a wonderful invention.

Our new one is a trifle unstable. As one of those newfangled instant heaters, it can deliver hot water without needing to heat a huge tank. It doesn’t always deliver the water at a consistent heat. It also looks rather like an alien invention (more on those soon), but at least we have hot water again when we need it.

Now if the electricity only keeps running…


Krista M.V. said...

Oh my goodness! LOL! That sounds like what our electricity does to us in bad weather! Well, for your sake, I hope it doesn't go out on you. I know it's not fun to be without the wonderful inventions of the modern world. :P :D

Audrey said...

So do I! I learned a couple days ago that you can't run a cash register without electricity--or a vacuum, or a washing machine. Just like the water heater, the electricity seems to like going out during dinner time, or whenever we have a dozen or so loads of laundry to run. And I've been discovering a number of other important inventions recently!

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