Tuesday, June 5, 2012

PTA's Believe It or Not 1.0

Did you ever think tractors were just for digging up fields?

Actually, they're not.

Not here, that is—at least when it's time to get those float planes back in the water.

Spring has come to Port Alsworth, the potatoes are planted, the trees are green on the mountains, and incredible things are appearing every day. A plane pulled by a tractor? Check. How about a boat out of water?

And that print on the runway—is it a bear?

Maybe, but more likely it's just a moose. (Though there might be bear tracks further on.)

More signs of spring—just yesterday, we walked through Dry Creek on dry rocks.

By evening, and the creek was rising...

...and this afternoon we had to wade across. I took a video of the water rising last night—what you might call “watching the watershed in action.” It's not exactly a flashflood, but you can definitely see the water movement in the rocks. I would post the video, but I’m afraid the file size is too large for the Internet connection at the lodge.

And yes, we have been working as well—working very hard, in fact.

Have you ever had to clean a room completely? Wash down all its walls, dust everything, wash the windows, and pull apart a queen-sized bed to clean the frame and vacuum under it? We did all that for ten cabins in the week after I got here.

Now spring cleaning is over, the lodge and all the cabins are ready, and we've even had a few guests through, with many more to come.(If you haven't done your own spring cleaning yet, now would be a good time!)

In the meanwhile, I'm planning to investigate some possible alien sightings. I'll post photos if I find out anything more.

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