Friday, October 26, 2012


For years I have claimed not to like surprises. In fact, my family has a rule that we’re supposed to plan our spontaneity.

We can handle adventures. We just want to know about them before hand—no surprises, please.

Surprises mean something has gone wrong. The car makes strange noises. The faucet handle no longer turns the water off. The laptop won’t talk to the printer when I absolutely must print a couple dozen pages of information before midnight so that I can head off by 7:30 next morning.

Sometimes, I admit, surprises do mean good things—but they so often happen in a stressful way. Good news, the lodge has more guests coming; bad news, we have to find space for fourteen extra guests and set two more tables for dinner—with only an hour before they arrive.

Surprises mean learning that I get to tutor again this year with a homeschool co-op. Junior-high last year; 5th-6th graders this year? No big deal. (Actually, yay!)

Oh, wait, make that 3rd-4th graders. (Yikes!)

Recently, though, my views have been changing.

I’ve learned to cope. I can handle the idea of teaching 8 and 9 and 10 year-old students—after hitting momentary panic and calling my mom, of course. But I can handle it.

It’s actually fun.

I’ve only taught once so far, but they like me so far. I like them too, and we get to be goofy. We get to sing preposition songs, memorize history timelines, practice identifying cell parts—and even, I’ve been told, play with a crawdad and cut up owl pellets. We’ll have lots of surprises there, I’m sure. And two of my students this year are younger siblings of two of my students last year.

Have I mentioned my ability to handle surprises? It’s growing by leaps and bounds.

Last week, a friend and I were thinking about visiting a particular library. At the last minute, we scratched that and went to a different library instead. It was entirely spontaneous, I promise—we even surprised a couple of the people we met there.

Surprises can require effort and change, yes. But surprises can, after all, mean fun and excitement.

(It’s also a nice surprise to find a topic for yet another blog post after procrastinating for two days.)


Hurrah for surprises!


BerlinerinPoet said...

Hey Audrey! I just discovered your blog (with help from your sister), and this post made me giggle. Glad to be a loyal reader!

Audrey said...

Thanks, Heather! I'm glad you stopped by.

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